In addition to the in-depth content included in the program, each group is led by a qualified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who will provide unique feedback and support.  Throughout the program the NTP will explain complex topics, answer questions, guide the group through the program and provide invaluable tips and insights along the way.  Having the support of a dedicated practitioner for support and guidance during these challenging lifestyle and dietary changes is extremely helpful as employees navigate change.

Our goal is to provide the training, tools and live support needed to improve the health of both employees and employers in a way that is sustainable and lasting.

What’s included:

  • Weekly group Zoom calls where the group will dive deeper into the content for the week. The NTP will answer any questions or explain concepts and the group will get to connect and build community.

  • Throughout the program each member will complete a variety of objective health assessments including multiple Symptom Burden Analysis. The Symptom Burden Analysis is an in-depth questionnaire that will provide important information and act as a valuable tracking metric for each member as they progress in their health. After more than one has been completed, each member will also receive a comparison graph that will visually represent the improvement they are making.

  • The NTP will also walk through the basics of keeping a food journal and how to track changes in their diet, mood, energy and physical movement. This provides accountability and encourages improvements in dietary and lifestyle choices.

  • The NTP will be available during specified office hours to answer any questions or concerns from the group. The NTP will communicate weekly with the group via email and answer email questions in a timely manner.

  • The members will also benefit from the peer to peer accountability found in the group. When making changes to lifestyle and diet it’s important to be surrounded by a community that is supportive and encouraging. This provides a sense of teamwork as well as belonging where members can rely on each other, build relationships and be motivated to continue.

This program is designed to create changes that LAST and will produce REAL results. This is a whole-body approach to health, incorporating nutrition and diet along with mindset, movement, sleep and the importance of community for a truly well life. Employees will learn how to reduce brain fog, connect with their willpower and inspiration for change, set goals and stick to them, choose the right foods for their body, optimize performance and energy and much more!