Meet Side by Side Founder, Matt Dusseault. Matt is the drive and inspiration behind the start of Side by Side Nutrition. Matt’s passion for health and wellness, has been growing steadily for many years. At his unhealthiest point in time, Matt was 70lbs overweight and not physically active. He decided one day that he was sick of being overweight, and has never looked back since.

Once Matt learned how to lead a healthy lifestyle for himself, his passion grew to improving the health and well-being of others. Matt has spent the most recent years of his life studying to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Using this new knowledge, Matt went on to found Side by Side, the holistic lifestyle and nutrition practice that resides in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Side by Side believes in bio-individuality, meaning everyone has different needs, reactions, obstacles, and challenges to overcome. Matt understands that there is not a single nutrition/lifestyle plan that fits all, and strives to help others determine what plan can help them become the healthiest version of themselves.


In addition to his passion for health and fitness, Matt is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a local energy company. In his spare time outside of work, CrossFit, and Side by Side, you can usually find Matt listening to a podcast or reading an educational non-fiction book (stay tuned for future blogs about Matt’s recommended podcasts and books!). Matt is dedicated to learning more each day, and is a great example of continually furthering one’s education. Matt is also still passionate about triathlons, cross-country mountain biking, and spending time outdoors hiking or boating with his family.