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As a former classroom teacher I used to read a story called “Have you filled a bucket today?” The metaphor was how acts of love, affection, and kindness can fill up a child's emotional cup or “bucket”. When their buckets are full they are content and happy. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how this relates to adults and how a full "bucket" might impact us in a negative way. Besides the current, obvious reasons we may be stressed right now, there are a myriad of things that bog us down and our personal “buckets” can become filled with stress. Stress can come from work, home, kids, the current pandemic, a poor diet (this is huge and often overlooked), sleep deprivation, or too much/wrong type of exercise for you. Put these together and all of a sudden our buckets are overflowing. As a society it's imperative we get our stress under control in all forms in order to live our best lives.

My job as an FNTP is to find the sources of stress in your life and begin to poke holes in your “bucket” and let the water out, slowly. With our online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaires and initial interview we take a deep dive into your health history and find the root cause of your symptoms and/or disease whether that be nutritional deficiencies, sugar handling, imbalanced hormones, or digestive distress.

We take a foundational, real food approach to our work with an ancestral perspective. Our bodies are not meant to eat and move the way we often do in today's modern society and we help you navigate through this, tailoring recommendations to your individual lifestyle. Our schooling and method is rooted in science and our certification allows us to go beyond what a general health or wellness coach can do. If you find yourself jumping from restriction to overindulging or feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there, let us carve you a path to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Let us come up with a protocol that includes specific nutrient requirements unique to you so you can reach your health goals. Email us today to get started!

Tamara Geffin, FNTP

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